Frequently Asked Question's

FAQ Question 1. How do I record a conversation with Rectel?
If you are recording an outgoing call, dial 0871 900 9000 (13p per min inc VAT plus your network providers access charge). You will hear a dial tone followed by instructions. You can start dialing the other party at any time. If the other party answers your conversation will be recorded and sent to our voice storage servers.
FAQ Question 2. How do I retrieve my call recordings?
You will need to know the telephone number and PIN you made the call from. This will be given to you when you use the service. However if you forget it, don't worry, just phone 0871 900 9000 (13p per min inc VAT plus your network providers access charge) and as long as you are using the same phone you used to record the call you will be given your PIN again. Once you type it in you will be verified and taken to your recordings.
FAQ Question 3. How do I record a call I make to a mobile phone?
Call 0911 211 9000 instead of 0871 900 9000 (Calls to this number cost 25p per minute inc VAT plus your network providers access charge) Calls from mobiles may be charged more.
FAQ Question 4. How do I call abroad?
We do not currently allow you to call outside the UK using this service - we are looking into making this part of the service in future.
FAQ Question 5. How long after I make my call can I download it?
Your call can be downloaded around 5 minutes after you hang up your telephone. It will remain on the website for one week after which it will be automatically deleted.
FAQ Question 6. Can anyone listen to my recorded calls?
Absolutely not. When you initially call the service you will be given a PIN which only you will know. When you retrieve your calls you will have to enter your pin number in order to gain access to your recordings.
FAQ Question 7. How much does this service cost?
Calling from a BT Landline to a UK landline will cost you 13p per minute (inc VAT) plus your network providers access charge, calling a UK Mobile will cost you 25p per minute (inc VAT) plus your network providers access charge. Please check with your provider if you want to confirm your costs to call our 0871 and 0911 numbers.
FAQ Question 8. What if I want a cheap international call but don't need to record the conversation.?
If you are looking for just cheap international calls, then please goto or Inweb which is our sister company. You can get cheap international calls here.
FAQ Question 9. Can I record calls made by other people to my phone.?
We are planning to launch a version of Rectel which allows you to do this - effectively we will be giving you a new number, and calls to this number will be recorded. There is currently no timescale for this to be available.
FAQ Question 10. Can I withhold my Caller ID when using Rectel?
You need to make sure that your Caller ID is active when you dial Rectel, but you can withhold your CLI from the final recipient of the call by dialling 141 before the destination number (after you hear your PIN).
FAQ Question 11. Why do I only hear part of my recording?
It is likely you are playing the recording in your browser using Quicktime. If using Windows, right click on the recording and select 'save target as' and download the recording to your computer, for MAC users hold control and click on the recording and select 'save target as'. - Sitemap | How It Works | Contact